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Midnight In HavanaMidnight in Havana

Release date: 28th October 2013.
Catalogue No: .
Label: The Cadiz Recording Co.

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All compositions © Louis Vause 2013.


Release date: 9th October 2006.
Catalogue No: SABRECD 2023.
Label:High Coin.
Distribution:Cadiz Music Ltd through Pinnacle.

In 2006 we see the long-awaited release of Mechanicatastrophe and find Louis recording with a band this time round on all but 3 of the tracks - tracks 3, 8 and 14 feature Louis' trademark virtuoso solo piano playing. This is what Louis had to say about his new album, and his rhythm section... "What struck me listening to the playback of what we'd done for the first time was that the titles of the tunes had become more than tags; they expressed who we are, what we've heard, where we've been... and why we bother."

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Produced by Mike Pelanconi and Louis Vause.
Recorded by Mike Pelanconi at Eastcote Studios, London, January 2005.
Except tracks 3, 8, 14 Recorded by Chris Wyles at The Stone Rooms, London May 2005.
John Eacott : Trumpet and Flugel Horn.
Louise Elliot : Tenor Saxaphone and Flute.
Gareth Huw Davies : Double Bass.
Dave Bryant : Drums and Percussion.
Louis Vause : Piano.

All compositions © Louis Vause 2006.


Released 18th November 2002.
Recorded and Produced at Blue Stone Studios.
Produced by Louis Vause and Chris Wyles.
Engineered by Mat Hempel and Phelan Kane.

Louis' first solo album was recorded in July 2001; a last ditch attempt to avoid bankruptcy and an album that he wanted to express his deep feelings about all that had happened in the previous three years. 'Pianophernalia' is all about capturing the magic of the exact moment of recording and expressing emotion on what is a combination of plastic, wood and strings. "I gave everything I had recording it" he has said.
'Pianophernalia' felt like a new beginning. Well received by the Press he promoted it on National and Local Radio and nearly dropped his teapot when he heard a play on Radio 4 which featured his music throughout.

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All compositions © Louis Vause 2002.