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Midnight In Havana

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'A pianist with a penchant for the blues masters James Booker and Jimmy Yancey - not forgetting George Gershwin - the London-based Louis Vause strolls down shadowy side streets. There's nothing flashy about a set of instrumentals that detours to New Orleans and even Erik Satie's Paris. There are echoes, too, of Vince Guaraldi. Whether performing solo or with a plushly upholstered band, Vause - who recently survived a brush with cancer - weaves charmingly direct melodies. Think of them as a soundtrack for one of the most beguiling road movies you've never seen.

Clive Davies (The Sunday Times).

'Glorious . . . If he lives to make another record this utterly delightful, we should all chip in'

Paul McGuinness (Record Collector) Feb 2014.

"The Pianist and composer Louis Vause is a reminder of a different era, when musicians living exuberant, near-chaotic lives devoured all the music they encountered and let it re-emerge, coloured effortlessly with their own personality. It's all there in these 10 delightful tracks - Cuban sultriness, Satie-like waltzes, Kurt Weill-like ballads, played swaggeringly on a piano that's definitely seen life. Behind them all is a shrewd musical intelligence exemplified by the sly chord pattern of Manrique."

Ivan Hewett (Daily Telegraph).

'All [the tracks] have a justification for shouting "Me, me, me, play me" because they are all so good'

John Hellings ('Jazz With John Hellings' BBC Hereford & Worcester).

"Splendid - what a fine piano player!"

Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2).


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"Beneath his hands come echoes of Dr John, Professor Longhair, Fats Waller and James Booker. But there is something else too: a rolling, swampy lilt that is all his own" Jay Rayner (Observer)

"...wonderfully atmospheric piano playing that commands total attention. His eclectic compositions effortlessly summon up the spirit of Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, Dr John... Fluid, accessible and direct, it's piano jazz for those who think they don't like jazz". -Nigel Williamson (UNCUT)

"An album which creeps up on you, sinks its teeth into your sensibilities and refuses to let go ... you’llweep and smile in equal measure" -BLUES MATTERS

"Charming, lyrical and lilting" -JAZZWISE

"A feast of swamp brews, hit the floor jolly-ups and fast finger faves... The Jamie Cullum it’s cool to like" -THE DAILY MIRROR


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(£10 £8 for a signed copy)
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"Pianophernalia is quite simply the best ... solo piano album I have heard in years."
-Douglas Mcpherson
-Keyboard Player.

"Forget Professor Longhair; Louis Vause is the Professor Receding Hair of the twenty first century"-Paul Whitehouse.

"I don't know how he does it. I can only assume he was bitten by a mosquito carrying some kind of piano bug, a mosquito that had been hanging out in New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta and Hollywood, gorging itself on Jazz and Blues and Lounge music, with maybe the odd trip to Rick's Bar in Casablanca and the salons of Europe along the way. Do they still have salons in Europe? If not, Louis should set up his tent forthwith and teach them a thing or two about just what a piano is capable of."-Charlie Higson.

"An unusually lyrical stroll down the blues alley."-Clive Davis-The Times.

"....this marvellous album.Stylish and louche."-Music Week.

"...a wonderfully intense and virtuoso mixture of boogie-woogie, blues and barrel-house."
-Jay Rayner-The Observer.


" Recommended."-Mojo.

"...Vause's impressive debut outing..."-Don Carnell-Jewish Chronicle.

:- "Louis Vause –celebrated for his work with the Higsons, Hackney Five-0 and the Madness spin-off group the Nutty Boys – is indeed steeped in such music, but his long-awaited debut album, will delight specialists and tyros alike courtesy of Vause’s gift for composing immediately accessible, highly affecting, yet subtle and delicate piano pieces.
The album has a wonderfully relaxed after-hours spontaneity to it that is sadly lacking in much contemporary jazz, but its apparent informality belies the artfulness that informs every bar of Vause’s naggingly memorable music. He is joined on some tracks by ex-Loose Tubes trumpeter John Eacott
and fellow keyboard player Seamus Beaghen, but it is Vause’s controlled,
unshowy virtuosity and the telling juxtaposition of the poignancy of his
gentler themes and the exuberance of his more vigorous tunes that make Pianophernalia such a rare treat." -The Tablet

"Here is a man who really does understand the meaning of the blues."
-Bobby Bone-The Morning Star.

"...and rather wonderfull it is too."-HMV Choice.


Includes 24 Page Booklet! Running time: 1 hr 15 mins.

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'Highly recommended.' MUSICIAN MAGAZINE.

"Vause and Beaghen make engaging guides - quirky, oddball and opinionated. They know all about the boogie-woogie greats, and even add a nod in the direction of Albert Einstein."
Clive Davies, The Times.

"From boogie-woogie bewilderment to enlightenment in the company of two affable weirdos."
Paul Whitehouse.

"A light hearted yet extremely informative and enjoyable journey through the basics of boogie piano and beyond, presented in an informal and approachable manner by this two-man team of keyboard masters. A split-screen technique allows the viewer to observe the players' hands and immediately pick up on all of their important performance skills. Highly recommended."
Musician (summer 2008).

"Honky-Tonkers and budding pianists looking to improve their skills now have a helping hand, thanks to a popular Camden Town performer... (who) shows viewers how to master grooves, riffs and licks, and offers some amusing advice and anecdotes."
Ham & High (may 1st 2008).


'Great DVD! Entertaining style and plenty of riffs and ideas to master. At less than the cost of one lesson, it was a true bargain.'
Allen Conger, Carolina, U.S.A.
'I love it! It is interesting, extremely informative, very well put together, pretty easy to follow and entertaining ... really motivating.'
Chris L. Christensen, NYC, U.S.A.
'Please don't wonder that I just ordered a second one; it's that much great stuff that I need a backup because this DVD will occupy me for the rest of my life'
H.P. Hotz, Switzerland.