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Midnight In Havana

Midnight In Havana

ARTIST: Louis Vause
TITLE: Midnight in Havana (2013)
CD/Download : Cadiz Music CD119
Release Date: 28th October 2013.
Label: The Cadiz Recording Company.

"Yancey - not forgetting George Gershwin - the London-based Louis Vause strolls down shadowy side streets. There's nothing flashy about a set of instrumentals that detours to New Orleans and even Erik Satie's Paris. There are echoes, too, of Vince Guaraldi. Whether performing solo or with a plushly upholstered band, Vause - who recently survived a brush with cancer - weaves charmingly direct melodies. Think of them as a soundtrack for one of the most beguiling road movies you've never seen."
Clive Davies (The Sunday Times).

"All [the tracks] have a justification for shouting "Me, me, me, play me" because they are all so good"
John Hellings ('Jazz With John Hellings' BBC Hereford & Worcester).

"Splendid - what a fine piano player!"
Paul Jones (BBC Radio 2).



Release date: 9th October 2006.
Catalogue No: SABRECD 2023.
Label:High Coin.
Distribution: Cadiz Music Ltd through Pinnacle.

Produced by Mike Pelanconi and Louis Vause.
Recorded by Mike Pelanconi at Eastcote Studios, London, January 2005.
Except tracks 3, 8, 14 Recorded by Chris Wyles at The Stone Rooms, London May 2005.
John Eacott : Trumpet and Flugel Horn.
Louise Elliot : Tenor Saxaphone and Flute.
Gareth Huw Davies : Double Bass.
Dave Bryant : Drums and Percussion.
Louis Vause : Piano.

" . . . wonderfully atmospheric piano playing that commands total attention."
Nigel Williams - Uncut

" An album which creeps up on you, sinks it's teeth into your sensibilities and refuses to let go . . . you'll weep and smile in equal measure."
Blues Matters

" Charming, lyrical and lilting."

" The Jamie Cullum it's cool to like."
The Daily Mirror



Released 18th November 2002.
Recorded and Produced at Blue Stone Studios.
Produced by Louis Vause and Chris Wyles.
Engineered by Mat Hempel and Phelan Kane.

" . . . quite simply the best solo piano album I have heard in years."
Douglas Mcpherson - Keyboard Player

" An unusually lyrical stroll down the blues alley."
Clive Davis - The Times

" . . . this marvellous album. Stylish and louche."
Music Week

" . . . a wonderfully intense and virtuoso mixture of boogie-woogie, blues and barrel-house."
Jay Rayner - The Observer

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